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Order Tracking

You can track the current status of your order in our online tracking area. This area provides details of when the order was placed, its current status (pending dispatch, dispatched etc), the dispatch date and other details of the order. In this area you can view any specific messages that we may have posted to advise you of any delays, for example that a particular product has gone out of stock and when we are expecting it. You can also send us a tracking message to ask a question about the status of your order.

Due to a combination of staff sickness and scheduled holiday we are unable to dispatch orders placed from 20th July to 31st July until Monday 1st August. Any orders placed via the 2nd class postage service during this period will be automatically upgrade to 1st class post free of charge, and any postal charges listed on the order will be removed. If you are unable to wait for this period and would prefer to cancel your order please email, stating your name and order number, and we can have the order cancelled without delay. Please note, for the same reason we are not available via telephone during this period but will attempt to answer all email queries within 24 hours. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this causes.

To view the tracking area:
Click 'Login' at the top right of our website.
Enter your Email Address and Password to login.
Once logged in you will be taken to the 'Account Administration' page. Click on 'Review/track previous orders'.
The next page will show details of all your previous orders.

The status of your order will be listed as one of the following:
Your order is in our system and being processed. Its status will be updated to one of the below as soon as it is dealt with by our dispatch team.

Awaiting Stock
One or more products are out of stock and we are awaiting supplies. Click on "Track" to view any mails we may have sent with details of what is out of stock.

See tracking
There is a problem with your order or we need to have a question answered before dispatching your order. Click on "Track" to view the email that will have been sent to you.

Payment Failed
A problem occured during payment for your order, or the payment was aborted before completion. No payment has been authorised.

Pending Dispatch
Your order is packaged and ready to be dispatched at the end of the working day.

Part Dispatched
Part of your order has been dispatched. One or more products are still awaiting dispatch. Click on "Track" to view the email that will have been sent to you detailing what is remaining to be sent.

Dispatch Complete
Your entire order has been dispatched.

If your order is marked as 'Dispatch Complete' and you feel you have been waiting for an excessive length of time for it please feel free to use the "Track" facility to advise us of the problem and we will look into the matter. Please be aware that orders that are sent by standard 2nd class Royal Mail can take up to 7 working days to be delivered. Orders sent via 1st class Royal Mail and 1st class Royal Mail Recorded delivery can take up to 5 working days to be delivered. For all orders for delivery outside the UK, please allow at least 10 working days for delivery.





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